Located in the suburban district of Greenwood, HECHO was formed through a community partnership between Greenwood and Phinney Rodge locals. The shared desire to bring the cream of the crop in Mexican cuisine became a reality when HECHO moved in to the Greenwood neighborhood. After well-loved vegetarian restaurant Carmelita closed, HECHO leaped to the opportunity to occupy a historicbuilding on Greenwood Avenue.  Fresh lime juice, 100% lime juice agave margaritas and handmade tortillas and salsas are just the beginning…

Chef: Danny Ludwig

Danny was born and raised in Sacramento Valley, California. Near Mexican cuisine and culture for most of his life, he experimented with making his own food with a Mexican spin.


One of his earliest food memories is of pickling and eating a chili he raised himself. After graduating from culinary school, Danny moved to Seattle and worked in several classical French kitchens 35th Street Bistro, Campagne, La Gourmand, and The Tin Table. With his extensive background, Danny jumped at the opportunity to an open position at Little Water Cantina. With his tenacious love for Mexican cuisine, Danny quickly became the Sous Chef.  When an opportunity fell into his hands to work with Mexican cuisine legend, Rick Bayless, Danny moved to Chicago to work at the award-winning Topolobambo. Danny has returned to Seattle, excited to utilize his authentic Mexican techniques and ingredients in the Northwest environment. And he continues to grow and use his own green chilies in his Phinney Ridge yard!